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Komi Witch Lara Kkomimanyeo Lara

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Aperçu: Tells the main character, Lara, who enters a magical world called Loia, where the magicians and Komipet live, and receives a magic education that goes against her wishes at the end of the twists and turns. When the peaceful village of lo gradually gained strange energy, the COMI Pelhiaraan Animal became damaged and a strange commotion appeared. Lara, who sympathizes with komipets with unique activeness and intelligence, heals them and breaks the commotion, gradually growing into a small witch. (Source: Mahou Shoujo, Magical Girl Wiki)
  • English: Komi Witch Lara
  • Titre original: 꼬미마녀 라라
  • Classification: PG - Children
  • Première diffusion: spring 2023
  • Diffusion: Mar 13, 2023 to Jun 12, 2023
  • Durée: 11 min per ep
  • épisodes: 13
  • Genre: Fantasy

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